For BECCA MARRIOTT as librettist and adaptor:


“This is a fantastically direct and perceptive introduction to Verdi for anyone who fears that opera will be overstuffed, and a refreshing new look for Traviata's existing fans.” – Claudia Pritchard, CULTURE WHISPER, LA TRAVIATA 2018


“The genius of this adaptation is that the characters are real, recognisable, without sacrificing any of the power of the original source.” Paul T. Davies, BRITISHTHEATRE, LA BOHÉME 2017


For PANARETOS KYRIATZIDIS as Musical Director:


”Musically the score is decluttered, and it works. The evocable dexterity of Kyriatzidisdeserves its own virtuosic concert ” -  Camille Lapaix, MIRO MAGAZINE, LA TRAVIATA 2018


“The singing, up close, is thrilling - visceral and elemental - but never less than controlled, and balanced beautifully by Paneretos Kyriatzidis on piano.” – Gary Naylor, BROADWAY WORLD, LA BOHÉME 2017


For JORGE BALÇA as director:


“The director’s main achievement is to expand Ionesco’s central thesis regarding the inherent failure of speech as communication into a discussion about what it means now, as opposed to in 1950 when the play appeared, to be English.” TIMEOUT LONDON, THE BALD SOPRANO


“The acting shifts between moments of pure stylisation and high octane emotion.” POSITIVE NATION, TANGO FINALE

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